What Sets OnSolve Emergency Notifications Apart?

Swift Response. Targeted Alerts.

  • Ensure the right people get accurate information quickly.
  • Alert only those affected with precise geo-targeting.
  • Deliver emergency notifications and reach millions in minutes with One Call Now powered by OnSolve.

Reliable Alerting. Redundant Platform.

  • With data centers all around the world equipped with rollover capabilities, notifications are guaranteed to always be sent.
  • Send alerts through any device, including phone, email, SMS and more.
  • A fully redundant platform, delivering millions of messages simultaneously.

Proven Results. Exceptional Support.

  • Confidently deliver timely public-safety and emergency alerts with a system that has the longest history of successful implementations.
  • Gain timely assistance from a support team that’s available 24/7/365.
  • One Call Now plays a crucial role in crisis preparedness and critical communication for thousands of agencies with a track record of success.

 How can you improve communication?

How Does It Work?

Urgent alerts reach the right people

Featuring a seamless integration of notification features, the intuitive solution allows you to synchronize data and automatically update contact information. Geo-targeting ensures you reach only those impacted by the crisis.

Access from any device

Created for a mobile-centric world, emergency notifications can be distributed from anywhere. The user-friendly mobile app allows you to reach employees, residents, stakeholders and more wherever they are located.

Keeps your community informed

Effective emergency notifications are critical during crisis events when acting fast can be the difference between life and death. OnSolve One Call Now makes sharing updates about emergencies fast and easy with its streamlined interface.

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