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Rapid, Reliable Emergency Alerts to Keep the Public Safe

You always put the safety of your citizens first. And when it comes to providing fast, accurate and reliable information or instructions, your emergency alert system must deliver. Whether it’s an evacuation notice for an impending hurricane or a missing child alert, every second counts.

CodeRED is a cloud-based software solution that has been trusted by government agencies since 1998 to provide real-time information that helps save lives in the community.
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How It Works: OnSolve CodeRED

Discover exactly how OnSolve CodeRED helps state and local agencies keep their communities safe and informed. Read this brochure to learn about key features, answers to the most common mass notification questions and see how fast and easy it is to send an alert.

The CodeRED Difference


High-speed, reliable performance


Easy integration with other systems


Secure platform
(FedRAMP® Authorized)


Fully compliant IPAWS solution
and a strong relationship with FEMA


Ability to instantly send emergency and routine alerts via multiple channels simultaneously (including a robust mobile app)


24/7/365 support availability from a dedicated partner who helps you build your data and engage with your community


Purpose-built for public safety, mission continuity, disaster recovery, employee engagement and more



Improve public safety and keep residents and visitors informed and safe.



Ensure effective mission continuity and disaster recovery with team activation.



Engage and assess employee safety, health and wellness.

CodeRED By The Numbers



counties, cities, towns and villages






federal agencies

Better Communication with CodeRED

Location-Based Targeted Alerts

Location-Based Targeted Alerts

Enhance public safety by sending alerts in the recipient’s native language to ensure understanding. Provide clear instructions during emergencies so residents and visitors traveling through your area can take appropriate steps quickly to stay safe.

Location-Based Targeted Alerts

Advanced Weather Warnings

Eliminate the manual process of alerting your community to severe weather with the CodeRED fully automated, targeted weather alert capability. Save time and quickly notify people who may be impacted so they can take action.

Location-Based Targeted Alerts

Expanded Reach with IPAWS

Strengthen your ability to protect your community with the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), and send alerts via multiple methods (WEA, EAS, NWEM and more). Leverage an intuitive system designed for use in stressful situations and perfected through our partnership with FEMA.


CodeRED Powers Wireless Emergency Alerts for NCMEC’s Amber Alert System

OnSolve is the alerting engine behind the National Center for Mission and Exploited Children (NCMEC) Amber Alerts. Learn how we’ve been an active public safety partner in the alert, search and recovery process for more than 90,000 missing or abducted children and adult cases.

25+ Years Keeping Communities Informed and Safe

CodeRED was designed by public safety officials for public safety officials. For more than 25 years, CodeRED has helped organizations and agencies in the U.S. deliver emergency alerts quickly and reliably to help save lives. Built on decades of emergency notification experience, CodeRED provides a strong backbone for your communication strategy and is relied on as the statewide solution for internal and external public alerting by more than 20 states.

CodeRED is backed by 24/7/365 technical support and assistance from OnSolve, which provides critical communications solutions to more than 10,000 customer communities across the U.S. and Canada, 30,000 global customers and over 50% of the Fortune 100.

Use Cases

icon-Missing children or persons

Missing children or persons

icon-Evacuation notices

Evacuation notices

icon-Police activity and updates

Police activity and updates

icon-Severe weather warnings

Severe weather warnings

icon-Street closures

Street closures

icon-water outages

Planned power/water outages

icon-Lockdown advisories

Lockdown advisories

icon-Viral outbreaks

Viral outbreaks

icon-First responder

First responder and dispatch situational awareness

icon-Field operative updates

Field operative updates

What CodeRED Customers Have to Say

With CodeRED, residents of this Arizona county receive fast, relevant alerts about wildfires, storms and other dangers so they can take action to stay safe.


We have five people that can hit the button to fire off an alert,” said Griffin. “But if we’re all tied up with the emergency at hand, I can designate someone else to take care of it. Even if they’ve never sent an alert before, with a quick call to the folks at CodeRED they can figure it out.”

Linda Griffin

Director of the Chickasaw County Emergency Management Agency


Risk doesn’t wait for you to get ready. If I’m on vacation and something urgent happens that needs to be communicated, I can easily grab my phone and quickly send out a communication, knowing the community received it effectively.”

Travis Baker

Wexford County, Emergency Management Director

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