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Reliability and Speed

OnSolve enables you to deliver geo-targeted, time-sensitive information to those in need, via a multi-modal approach. The fully redundant platform is designed to deliver millions of messages at a time, through a backbone that provides the highest levels of reliability and speed in the industry. OnSolve has been battle tested and is relied upon by tens of thousands of customers worldwide to manage their critical event communications.

Security and Access Management
Define hierarchical, role-based permissions by divisions and subdivisions.

Infrastructure and Resilience
Eight redundant data centers in remote locations that provide full fault tolerance to ensure important messages are delivered.

Data Integration
OnSolve employees can assist as full-time database experts so that data management is our worry, not yours.

User Management
OnSolve technologies rapidly launch a message to groups of any size, whether in one location or spread all over the world.

AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

Replace time-consuming manual analysis with an AI engine that filters vast streams of incoming data and delivers targeted, relevant and actionable intelligence.