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Founded in 1875, Proskauer is a leading global law firm with a network of more than 650 lawyers. The firm provides top-tier counsel across a full range of corporate, litigation, labor and employment, intellectual property, healthcare, personal planning, real estate and tax services to businesses; not-for- profit institutions; and individuals. 

How Proskauer Uses OnSolve® to Collaborate and Facilitate Firmwide Crisis Communications

Firmwide Collaboration and Communication

Proskauer’s emergency management teams use OnSolve® to send critical and time-sensitive messages to over 1,400 contacts across the firm, which includes all lawyers and staff members, during crisis situations. In the event of a largescale emergency, the firm’s crisis management team is able to coordinate disaster relief efforts with the affected offices, which, outside of New York, include Boca Raton, Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Newark, Paris, São Paulo and Washington, D.C.

The firm’s business process coordinators are based in its New York headquarters, and they manage OnSolve for all offices. Although alerts are sent from New York to other locations, users in every office are trained to use the system in the event of a local emergency. Proskauer teams across all offices work together to ensure the quick resolution of any crisis and to make sure that all employees are kept safe.

OnSolve in Action

When Hurricane Gustav, the second most destructive hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic season, reached the Louisiana coast on the morning of September 1, 2008, OnSolve was used to send alerts and updates to employees regarding the worsening weather conditions.

Local management was able to quickly locate employees and, using the two-way communication capability, stay up to date on employee status. The New York team worked very closely with management in New Orleans to stay on top of things during each phase of the crisis response.

During the hurricane, OnSolve proved to be an invaluable resource, as it allowed the crisis teams in both New York and New Orleans to reach out to everyone simultaneously and then identify individuals that needed specific help. If an employee didn’t respond to a message, the system let Proskauer know that they needed to locate the individual.

Saving Time and Energy With Two-Way Communication

Proskauer has found the OnSolve alerting system easy to use, and its response capability to be invaluable. When involved in emergency situations, such as Hurricane Gustav, the two-way communication feature allows Proskauer’s emergency management teams to identify employees who need extra assistance and to focus on them.

According to Proskauer, the response feature allows the firm to get a sense of where everyone is and if they’re OK. Additionally, the firm feels it is helpful to be able to select which contact points people will receive their messages through. Depending on the time of day and the type of emergency, OnSolve allows Proskauer not only to customize response options but send options, as well, making sure the firm relays the right messages to the right people at the right time.

A Customized Solution

Proskauer depends on the quick and reliable messaging capabilities of OnSolve, as well as its anytime, anywhere access. The firm appreciates that OnSolve is not just a website from which one can send a message. It also allows one to call a customer support number and speak with a live person who can walk them through the steps of sending a message.

Proskauer has also been enthusiastic about its ability to customize its OnSolve system to fit its organizational needs, noting that it is very open to receiving feedback and making changes. The firm also noted the customer support team’s responsiveness to ideas and the fact that they try to do everything they can to implement suggested changes.

OnSolve: Always On. Solving Problems

OnSolve is the market leader in real-time, mass notification and collaboration solutions used by the world’s largest brands and thousands of government agencies to deliver critical information   in any situation. Mass notification and collaboration is an essential element of emergency response and business continuity planning, keeping teams on track and coordinating during critical events. OnSolve Critical Communications is a key component of the business continuity, emergency response, IT alerting and employee safety and security programs of every organization we serve.

According to Proskauer, the ability to receive responses back is the most useful feature because it allows the firm to get a sense of where everyone is and if they’re OK.