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Walden University

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Industry: Education
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Clear Communication Drives Event Attendance


Individual phone calls conveying important event information to prospective students and guests were inconsistent and susceptible to human error, creating confusion and consuming too much staff time.


Consistent and professional communications with students and guests; increased event attendance and performance; saved valuable employee time


Individual, manual phone calls made by enrollment advisors

The Situation

Walden University, a distinctive online learning community, was founded in 1970. Walden’s online learning community is made up of students and faculty, alumni and friends, national experts and visiting scholars, and a growing list of academic, corporate and government partners who share a commitment to transforming the world through higher education. Communicating information about upcoming university events is critical for Walden University’s enrollment success. That responsibility falls on Regional Manager for the University Marketing Events Team Christina Cantu. Cantu realized that too much employee time was wasted making weekly individual calls to remind prospective students and guests of upcoming university events. These manual calls created tremendous potential for human error and inconsistency. She said, “Manual calling was a time suck. People just have way too much on their plates.” Walden University needed a way to ensure that all communication with prospective students and guests was consistent, professional and completed in a timely manner.

The Solution

Frustrations with the manual calling approach had created a perfect opportunity to try something new, and a Walden marketing team member suggested using OnSolve® One Call Now®. Implementation of One Call Now’s communication solution turned out to be seamless. Cantu appreciates that the solution was “so easy and straightforward to set up and teach. It’s great and simple!” She easily taught the One Call Now process to a representative, who now simply records an audio message outlining university event information and reaches all prospective students and guests with no additional effort or time required.

The Result

Walden University’s prospective students appreciate the event reminders, and Cantu thinks they make all the difference in event turnout. “I can’t gush about it enough. We adore the system, and  there has definitely been a correlation between using reminder calls and increased attendance. It has really made an impact on event performance,” she said. She estimated that Walden University sends notifications every week and values how the One Call Now service   has become “integral to the event process.” Now Walden University’s event  communication is consistent and professional without requiring  a large time commitment. OnSolve One Call Now saves time and money and delivers measurable results.
“I can’t gush enough about One Call Now. We adore the system. It has really made an impact on event performance.”
— Christina Cantu
Regional Manager, University Marketing Events Team