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Forecasting to False Alarms

Will improved forecasting and lead times ultimately result in better outcomes?

The combination of the current El Niño and the upcoming tornado seasons may lead to above-average storm activity for parts of the nation and below-average for others. Those in the most-threatened areas will likely benefit from recent advances in technology that have allowed weather scientists to better forecast tornadoes and other violent storms. 

In this publication, you will learn about:

  • The surprising impact of El Niño on the U.S. 2016 tornado season
  • Is more warning time really better in the case of tornado fatalities?
  • Tornado false alarms: Why they’re more than just an inconvenience
  • The end of The Tornado Chasers? The new use of drones to forecast and predict storms
  • Communication technology and its role in preserving life and minimizing loss

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Article Cover Forecasting to False Alarms
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