NASA improves system uptime with powerful mass notification software

In TelAlert from OnSolve, NASA has a solution that keeps systems running smoothly by communicating with the right people when lags or interruptions occur.

Communication is key to keeping IT processes running

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the government agency that runs the civilian arm of the U.S. space program. The aim of NASA is to increase understanding of the solar system and the universe and to improve American aeronautics ability. To achieve this goal, NASA must have a solid infrastructure, particularly in technology and computing.

The Problem: How to keep critical systems up and running at all times

OAO Technology Solutions, the managed service provider that supports much of the computing infrastructure for NASA’s Office of Space Flight, needed a way to provide practical and timely technical responses to various network events, both urgent and routine. Any sort of delay could threaten NASA’s computing-intensive operations, and part of OAO’s charge was to see that NASA systems were running smoothly at all times.

The Solution: TelAlert from OnSolve

In order to enhance and streamline communications at NASA, and to improve response time to network events, OAO implemented TelAlert from OnSolve. TelAlert provides automated notifications, customized remote management and interactive voice response to ensure security and effective communications throughout the NASA network. According to NASA’s engineering department, “TelAlert has met all immediate challenges and is keeping pace with OAO’s continuing growth. In so many ways, it helps us deliver the quality of service our clients demand.” Keeping NASA network systems running smoothly by enhancing communication maximizes uptime and helps OAO uphold its commitment to NASA, as well as NASA’s commitment to excellence.

Benefits NASA has reaped from TelAlert include:

  • Decreasing time to resolve issues through person-by-person or group-by-group escalation paths that minimize the time it takes to locate someone who can resolve issues
  • Tracking and reporting alerts to create closed-loop communication with detailed reporting of who received alerts, when, and with what responses
  • Rapid integration with existing ITSM solutions through the TelAlert Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  • Contact any device on any carrier including mobile phones, landlines, pagers and emails

The bottom line

TelAlert from OnSolve has provided automated notification to alert IT staff that can help when systems are compromised. It features customized remote management and interactive voice response to improve OAO Technology Solutions’ management of the project. TelAlert technology provides the secure communication critical in avoiding any kind of computing delays and in solving critical network events affecting NASA’s Office of Space Flight.