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A leading global investment management firm sought to ensure the safety of its team members across its dozens of locations spanning several countries.

Investment Management Firm Keeps Global Staff Safe Every Day

Dozen of locations

around the world managed with risk intelligence

Hundreds of employees

impacted by tornado received wellness check alerts

Integrated approach

to managing risk and keeping employees informed


A leading global investment management firm sought to ensure the safety of its team members across its dozens of locations that span several countries. The firm was experiencing difficulties from its existing risk intelligence software. They were overwhelmed with the massive amounts of incoming data about potential threats, such as severe weather, civil unrest and active shooters. They had little visibility into which threat could impact their team. They needed strong filtering capabilities to quickly isolate relevant critical events, set up the right groups to communicate with, and send out timely, actionable alerts to the crisis management team.

The firm was also looking for an integrated approach to critical event management that could mitigate disruption and support business continuity. To do this, the firm needed a technology platform that encompassed AI-powered risk intelligence, seamless critical communications and integrated incident management. Usability was a core requirement. They sought a single, easy-to-use dashboard from which the team could monitor assets and travelers, isolate where they are in relation to an incident and quickly notify those who could be impacted.

“The nice thing about OnSolve Risk Intelligence is the filtering. We’re able to cancel the noise that you see all day, every day and fine-tune the filters to the alerts we want to see. The alerts we need. Now, our alerts are timely. They’re relevant.”
- Business Continuity Manager


The firm’s business continuity and crisis management team, as well as a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), use the capabilities of OnSolve to monitor operational risk and communicate with employees daily.

Instant Visibility into Employees in Harm’s Way with AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

OnSolve Risk Intelligence scans tens of thousands of global data sources to identify thousands of critical events that occur each day. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), OnSolve Risk Intelligence also enables the firm to fine-tune filters to quickly isolate relevant data about a critical event that could impact its people, places or property. Armed with this actionable intelligence, the firm can then send timely alerts to incident management teams from the same platform so they can take necessary action.

During a recent devastating tornado event, in the middle of the night, OnSolve Risk Intelligence enabled the firm to locate staff members who lived in the storm’s projected path (many of whom had recently relocated to the area and had little to no previous experience with tornadoes).

Specific and Relevant Communication to Teams and Groups that Mitigate Disaster

OnSolve Critical Communications has been a fixture in the firm for many years, and employees are comfortable with the technology for a wide variety of alerting types — from weather-related alerts like power outages to COVID-19 updates or office-specific notifications (e.g., water leaks). With its two-way messaging, the firm can not only send out alerts to employees, but also receive word back about whether employees are safe or need further assistance.

“Driving awareness during these times has been much easier for our team — especially when it comes to critical communications, and risk intelligence. OnSolve really helps us — our business continuity and crisis management teams and our staff members.”
- Business Continuity Manager

Accurate Insight into Post-Crises Impact on Employee Safety
Severe Weather Use Case:

After a recent tornado, employees received the following alerts: Are you Safe? Do You Need Assistance? In real time, the firm could monitor those responses. Fortunately, no staff members were injured but some did lose their homes. Crisis teams were able to arrange for hotels and coordinate with other staff members who were offering to assist their colleagues.

“OnSolve’s AI definitely helps us with getting the alerts in a timely manner and they’re relevant alerts, so we’re able to take action on those alerts — whatever the event might be.”
- Business Continuity Manager


OnSolve has enabled the firm to identify and manage operational risk more effectively, quickly alert employees about critical events that could impact their safety and help maintain business continuity. This has aided a culture of resiliency that employees point to as a demonstration of the company’s concern for their well-being, particularly during these trying times.

Filtering the Noise to Get Relevant, Actionable Data

  • Pinpoints where staff members live or where travelers are located, as well as assets or property, in relation to a particular incident.
  • Enables fine-tuning of hundreds of filters to see exactly the data they need.

Moving from Awareness to Alerting in Real Time

  • Delivers actionable intelligence that answers the questions: Exactly where did the incident occur? When did it occur? Is it ongoing? How close was it to an employee or office?
  • Gets employees up to speed quickly; the GSOC were efficient in using OnSolve Risk Intelligence in a week.
  • Ensures real-time updates as a critical event unfolds
“The customer service of OnSolve is above and beyond. We’re meeting with our OnSolve representatives on a weekly basis and they’re taking our feedback and actioning that feedback. So, they’re enhancing features based on our recommendations, which is unbelievable.”
- Business Continuity Manager