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An integrated communications and IT solutions provider sought to mitigate risk to their infrastructure and protect employees.

Protecting Employees and Critical Infrastructure with Risk Intelligence

Real-time visibility
into operations and mobile workforce
Rapid delivery
of actionable intelligence to key decision-makers
Critical alerts
to employees on the move


An integrated communications and IT solutions provider to residential and business customers is challenged with ensuring reliable access to internet connectivity, particularly as the pandemic continues to impact the global workforce. Ensuring customers are connected requires staff dispersed across all the regions the company serves. Further, as the company’s employees are classified as 1B and 1C essential workers, keeping them safe and healthy is the company’s top priority.

The company has relied on OnSolve Critical Communications to relay vital alerts from the front office to its customers and employees for many years. But in confronting the challenges of the pandemic, critical event management decisionmakers needed a way to stay on top of emerging threats, from severe weather to civil unrest. The goal was to mitigate risk to their infrastructure and protect employees no matter their location.


OnSolve provided its AI-driven Risk Intelligence product to power the communications company’s enterprise risk management architecture. By partnering with OnSolve, the company gained actionable risk intelligence, which allows them to make faster, more informed decisions. By quickly pinpointing the impact of a critical event and automatically alerting designated response teams, OnSolve helps the company protect its people, places and property across the company’s key geographies.

“Whether powering essential services like 911 call centers or supporting the many users who are now working remotely, maintaining the critical infrastructure they depend on is a humbling responsibility.”
- Company Spokesperson


OnSolve Risk Intelligence allows the company to efficiently and effectively identify emerging threats as well as safeguard its people and assets ahead of a critical event, with key benefits including:

Real-time visibility into operations and the mobile workforce

Critical event management decisionmakers are able to access an intuitive dashboard with dynamic maps that provide greater visibility into the security of the company’s facilities, logistics and personnel movements. This capability allows the team to rapidly observe, analyze and escalate relevant information to the right people at the right time — all from a single source.

Ability to focus on the information that matters

OnSolve Risk Intelligence uses machine learning to filter out the noise of irrelevant critical event data. This means the team is able to focus only on information specific to a defined area of interest, which means they make informed, proactive decisions and create better outcomes during threat situations.

Alerting employees who are on the move

When the threat is relevant to a specific location, the company can easily send an alert to users currently in the area because the product is optimized for integration with mobile devices. This is particularly vital for field technicians responsible for maintaining the company’s vast infrastructure.

“The safety of our employees remains our primary priority, and OnSolve’s Risk Intelligence product allows us to efficiently and effectively identify emerging threats as well as safeguard our people and assets ahead of a critical event.” 
- Company Spokesperson