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Nesco Resource is a leading provider of permanent and temporary staffing services and HR solutions with more than 70 offices throughout the United States. Nesco supports engineering, IT, clerical, industrial, accounting and finance specialties. 

Staffing Giant Contacts Hundreds to Quickly Fill Openings and Keep Clients Up and Running


Nesco recruiters work with thousands of job candidates. When client companies have openings, Nesco recruiters must quickly contact qualified candidates to fill positions. 


Nesco enlisted the services of One Call Now to contact candidates with recorded voice messages. 


Nesco recruiters and managers are able to quickly reach hundreds, even thousands, of candidates with one recorded message.

What do you do at 11:00 a.m. when your client calls you with 14 openings on the second shift? How can you contact hundreds of viable candidates in time? How can you make sure they’ll quickly confirm that they’re able to work? These are no longer issues for recruiters and managers at Nesco Resource.

“It’s a phenomenally effective tool,” said Nesco Resource’s Andrew Deutsch, executive vice president, central division and risk management, about mass notification provider, OnSolve® One Call Now®. Deutsch is responsible for the staffing giant’s 34 offices in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Nebraska.

Client companies depend on Nesco Resource to fill permanent openings and also temporary staffing voids. Nesco manages large databases of candidates in every market they serve. When positions come open, recruiters use One Call Now to notify qualified candidates. “Many of our candidates are already employed. Now we’re able to schedule our calls to reach them in the evening when it’s most convenient for them,” said Deutsch.

When clients call with same-day shift openings, recruiters must act fast and get quick results. “We’re able to search our database by skill set, zip code or other criteria and send out hundreds of calls instantly. Our candidates can respond immediately with a touchtone on their keypad and even connect directly back to a recruiter,” Deutsch said.

For clients who have experienced high turnover or unreliable workers, Nesco sends new recruits reminder calls regarding: arrival times, the employer’s attendance policy and special equipment or safety gear reminders. This extra step reinforces Nesco’s positive reputation for reliable workers.

“One Call Now is a revenue-generating tool for us. If we have 300 job openings in a region, that means there are 300 candidates not working. Without One Call Now, time constraints would allow us to only access a fraction of them. Now we have access to all of them, because we can reach them quickly.”
- Deutsch