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Shawnee County, KS

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Shawnee County is located in northeast Kansas, in the central U.S., and is the third-most populous county in its state.

Critical Communications Alert Residents to Local Crime Spree and Provide Prevention Tips


Shawnee County authorities wanted to alert the citizenry to a rash of mail and property theft.


Using OnSolve® CodeRED®, authorities alerted residents to take extra precautions with their mail, vehicles, and other possessions.


The people of Shawnee County are now better informed with authoritative information and tips to help them protect their property and avoid being victimized.


Rapid, reliable, county-wide notification keeps residents informed with crime prevention tips when thefts are on the rise.

Community Awareness Foils Criminals

A recent rash of mail theft, vehicle burglaries, and vehicle thefts prompted the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office to issue a county wide alert to help alert and protect residents. The Sheriff’s office indicated that they had seen an increase in crimes throughout all parts of Shawnee County and wanted to warn the populace to be on guard.

The Problem: How to Reach Many People at Once

The Sheriff’s office wanted to remind residents to place outgoing mail in post office drop boxes and to collect all mail and packages delivered to their homes as soon as possible, as well as provide other crime prevention tips. “Criminals are following mail carriers and removing mail from mailboxes, looking for any information to steal your identity or financial information,” the alert stated. “Criminals are also taking packages dropped off on citizens’ doorsteps.”

The Solution: CodeRED

Authorities used OnSolve CodeRED to notify residents to guard their mail deliveries, keep vehicles locked, and to not leave spare keys or property inside vehicles. They advised citizens that, “Criminals are removing loose items found in vehicles including electronics, currency, purses, back-packs, firearms, garage door openers, keys and other miscellaneous items,” according to the alert issued.

Guidance went on to remind residents, “Burglars may approach a residence and if the homeowner is home, then if confronted, make up an excuse for being on the property, such as they are looking for someone else.” The Sheriff’s office asked residents to report all incidences immediately to law enforcement and provide details and subject descriptions, including vehicle make, model, and tag numbers when possible.

How Local Government and Law Enforcement Can Use CodeRED:

  • Keep crisis management plans up-to-date with pre-created notification scenarios identifying key communities to notify
  • Issue automated emergency alerts that notify civilians in the path of fire, storms, and other threats
  • Activate evacuation plans, and guide and direct residents to safety
  • Alert local emergency responders to assist during a disaster

The Problem: How to Reach Many People at Once

Shawnee County has used CodeRED to bring awareness to citizens of criminal activity, which has almost certainly prevented many people from falling victim to crime. The community now recognizes and appreciates that their safety is local law enforcement’s highest priority, and that help is quickly available.