Achieve Operational Resiliency, and Protect Employees and Customers

All financial institutions, from a local credit union to an international bank, strive to keep operations running smoothly and employees and customers safe and informed. Disruptions are inevitable given today’s geographically dispersed population, complex financial markets and surge in severe weather. Operational resilience is paramount, especially given the rise in technology-led business transformation. A bank’s ability to make fast, informed decisions to protect people, places and property relies on real-time, actionable intelligence.

Here is How It Works

Whether it is a natural disaster, network issue, robbery alert or fraud or data breach warning, the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) helps you pinpoint and respond quickly to any event. The Platform combines AI-powered Risk Intelligence with award-winning Critical Communications and enhanced Incident Management to strengthen your ability to identify adverse events or market changes, analyse risks, ensure compliance and respond throughout the critical event life cycle.

AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

Automatically scan tens of thousands of global data sources to detect and assess critical events, and quickly sift through the noise for faster response.

Seamless Critical Communications

Easily launch simultaneous alerts to employees, IT, customers, investors and analysts via landline, cellular, email, text message, social media and more.

Mobile-Centric Incident Management

Quickly respond to business disruptions and safety events via a mobile platform that activates teams, minimises downtime and maximises control.