Identify Adverse Events, Target and Automate Alerts

Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) companies must safeguard the security of their information and ensure business continuity during and after critical events. Quickly identifying adverse events that impact people, places and property, as well as seamlessly alerting employees, is essential. With cloud-based, AI-powered critical event management, the TMT sector can analyse risk, streamline communications and mobilise resources.

Here is How It Works

Whether it is a system outage or a severe weather emergency, TMT companies can use the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) to gain a real-time understanding of events as they unfold. The Platform combines Critical Communications, Risk Intelligence and Incident Management to help you take action faster, keep stakeholders informed and simplify collaboration.

AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

Rapidly obtain relevant, accurate and actionable information which is constantly updated about how an event impacts your people, places and property.

Market-Leading Critical Communications

Reach employees, customers and facilities worldwide and enable automated alerts to activate response teams and resolve issues quickly.

Mobile-Friendly Incident Management

Quickly provide teams in multiple locations with a single interface so they can collaboratively mitigate disruptions and restore business operations.