Manage the Message
to Mitigate Risk

When an emergency occurs, controlling the flow of information allows you to mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and, most importantly, keep employees safe. With OnSolve, you can provide accurate employee communications through a reliable, targeted alerting system.

Communicate with Ease

Relay important information to everyone or impacted groups, through a variety of communication modes, instantly.

Be Ready to Act

Continuous monitoring of critical events around the world helps you keep your people informed, so they can act quickly.

Enhance Collaboration

When teams are geographically dispersed, incidents become harder to manage. Mobilised crisis response plans ensure your teams can collaborate efficiently.

Keep Everyone Informed with Open Lines of Communication

Whether it is inclement weather, a cyber threat or a routine notice, getting the facts to the right people is essential for effective communications. But it is equally important to gather input from your employees and staff. With OnSolve, you have a reliable, user-friendly feedback loop.

Precision Targeting

Reach employees where they are located.

2-Way Communication

Send messages and receive valuable feedback.

Incident Reporting

Snap a photo to instantly report suspicious activity.

Mobile SOS

Connect with emergency services abroad quickly.