Manage Security Threats with Ease

OnSolve strengthens your security operations by enabling successful outcomes for customers when crises strike. Greater speed, relevance and usability allow leaders to maintain business processes during a crisis event and guarantee the resiliency of their organisations in the aftermath.

Business Continuity

Manage crises related to severe weather, pandemics or civil unrest – from early awareness and impact assessment through resolution.

Crisis Management

Receive fast, accurate alerts, easily access the steps required to manage the incident and communicate quickly with employees.

Facility Security

Quickly receive alerts to facility incidents like fires, power outages or water leaks so you can mitigate further damage.

Lower the Risk of Security Breaches and Prepare for Crises

The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management provides seamless coverage of critical events to keep your organisation informed. With actionable intelligence delivered to you in real time, you will understand how these events impact your people, places and property.

Critical Event Management

  1. Accelerate delivery of relevant, targeted, time-sensitive information to your globally dispersed, mobile workforce.
  2. Foster collaboration between members of your crisis teams and coordinate faster, more effective responses.
  3. Pin-point critical events 90 percent faster than with traditional modelling and human analysis.
  4. Employ actionable intelligence and advanced technologies to put you in control of crisis response.

The OnSolve Platform combines Risk Intelligence, Critical Communications and Incident Management solutions to strengthen your organisation’s insight into threats and the associated response and action to safeguard physical security, IT and infrastructure.