Maximise Uptime and Restore Services Quickly

In today’s digital world, OnSolve IT alerts are essential to enhance operational efficiency and manage critical communications. From staff alerts to preventing cyber-attacks, this add-on helps IT professionals monitor and communicate information about IT outages and failures.

Receive and Send Alerts with Ease

Get automatic alerts instantly whenever an IT failure occurs. Send pop-up desktop notifications to warn busy employees about virus threats.

Identify and Escalate Issues

Alert key responders, identify support staff who can address the problem and escalate it to the appropriate people when necessary.

Rely on Proven Technology

Take advantage of a fault-tolerant, redundant environment using multiple servers in load-sharing (hot standby) or warm standby configuration.

Integrate with leading ITSM providers

Integrate into leading ITSM platforms via Kinetic Data. OnSolve IT Alerting is certified for integration with ServiceNow.

Eliminate the Costly Impact of IT Disruptions

Unexpected disruptions can have devastating impact. At thousands of pounds per minute, the costs can add up quickly.

OnSolve IT Alerting systems provide faster issue resolution and more comprehensive event detection by automatically detecting issues across the entire network and notifying staff as soon as an error occurs. Therefore, mitigation of the issue can begin immediately. Streamline your operations with automated notifications that ensure your organisation is well-informed and reactive to potential threats.

Key Benefits

  1. Automatically alert IT staff to respond to critical issues
  2. Deliver alerts via email, mobile and landline phones, SMS and more
  3. Use responses to implement escalation plans
  4. Keep track of all events in progress
  5. Build custom alerts with tailored responses
  6. Fine-tune applications before issues become visible to system users or stakeholders

Save your organisation time and reduce costs by eliminating the need for an administrator to manually alert staff to fix issues as they occur. Efficiency is also increased by providing full reporting and tracking accountability.