Protect Your People, Places and Property

Public sector agencies must keep the general public safe and deliver reliable services to local communities. To do this during an emergency, fast, reliable risk intelligence and critical communications are essential.

Without an effective way to notify members of the public of important information or to coordinate response teams, public sector officials put both safety and quality of life at risk. In order to make fast, informed decisions and protect people, places and property, agencies need access to real-time, actionable intelligence.

Here is How It Works

Whether an extreme weather event, fire or a simple schedule change in local services, the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) helps public sector agencies pinpoint and respond quickly to any event. The OnSolve Platform enables teams to communicate with speed to a wide range of audiences, empowering public sector agencies to identify threats early and take action to assist both members of the public and businesses.

Protect your people, places and property, all whilst improving the level of day-to-day service you provide.

OnSolve is an approved supplier for U.K. Government agencies. The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management is available on Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud 11 procurement digital marketplace.

AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

Quickly understand how a critical event may impact your community and determine the appropriate actions needed to resolve the issue.

Market-Leading Critical Communications

Broadcast alerts simultaneously to members of the public and businesses about emergencies, public meetings, important local service changes and other information.

Mobile-Friendly Incident Management

Reach response teams quickly and on multiple devices so they can take the action necessary to restore control.