Manage Personnel Staffing Issues Efficiently

On-Call Scheduling helps organisations ensure shifts are fully staffed. Instead of spending hours calling people, send one alert to contact and collaborate with as many people as needed for coverage. The solution is ideal for IT alerting, healthcare, on-call staffing, crisis management and disaster recovery.

Identify Coverage Gaps

Quickly pinpoint unfilled assignments with a user-friendly calendar.

Gain Workforce Visibility

See who's available to cover a shift and how to contact them from a user-friendly calendar view.

Reach the Right People

Identify preferred personnel using call groups and escalation rules. Automatically send alerts to the next in line.

Focus on Customer and Patient Care

Closing the gaps in schedules is a time-consuming process. On-Call Scheduling removes much of the manual effort by automating notifications and eliminating the need for spreadsheets and other labour-intensive tools. That means you can spend more time with customers and patients.

Five Time-Saving Features

  1. Poll and track responses from alert recipients.
  2. Create schedules for shift assignments and include escalation orders.
  3. Collaborate with employees on schedules using two-way communications.
  4. Send alerts to any type of schedule and reach all recipients within the group, even in multiple languages.
  5. Know who is available and how to contact them.

Whether it is an unexpected problem or an employee calling in sick, disruptions to scheduling can divert attention away from what matters. A robust solution can reduce time and effort – allowing you to stay focused on delivering better outcomes.