Quickly Re-route Travel in Response to Critical Events

OnSolve protects travelling and remote employees during a critical event. Companies are empowered to fulfil their duty of care with fast, actionable information and alerting capabilities.

Map View of Travellers

Monitor critical events in real time, and locate travellers based on their itinerary and mobile app location tracking.

Automated Alerts

Send detailed reports of events that are happening near travel locations or destinations via text, mobile app or email.

Travel Search Filters

Search rail stations, train schedules, flight numbers, airlines, cities, hotels and more that are impacted by a critical event.

Reach Travellers After A Critical Event

OnSolve enables you to monitor risk while using fail-proof response mechanisms. We help you anticipate and prepare for risk with real-time critical event intelligence and easily access your response plans with processes for locating, communicating, assisting and extracting employees.

Travel Risk Mobile App

  1. Chat Feature: Use in-app messaging to engage in two-way communications with your team.
  2. SOS/Panic Button: Notify emergency contacts that an employee needs assistance.
  3. Mobile Alerts: Get risk intelligence alerts based on current location.
  4. Map Filters: Display types of events employees want to appear on the map.
  5. Location Ghosting: Allow travellers to randomise their location on the map within a 5-kilometre radius.

OnSolve fuses broad coverage with unparalleled speed to bring you the most accurate, actionable picture, empowering you to protect your people wherever they are.