Ensure Worker Safety and Supply Chain Continuity

Manufacturers face challenges on many fronts—from global competition and complex supply chains to threats posed by natural disasters, political unrest or pandemics. That is why clear visibility into risks to people, places and property has never been more critical. Although fast, accurate information is essential to mitigate negative impacts, filtering the noise out of vast amounts of global data is impossible using traditional methods. Fast, effective response to a critical event requires real-time, actionable intelligence.

Here is How It Works

Whether you need to fill shifts with quota calling, alert workers about an industrial hazard or manage supply chain disruption during extreme weather, the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) helps you pinpoint and respond quickly to any event. The cloud-based platform combines AI-powered Risk Intelligence with award-winning Critical Communications and enhanced Incident Management to strengthen your ability to identify adverse events, analyse risks and respond.

AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

Automatically scan tens of thousands of global data sources to detect and assess critical events, and quickly sift through the noise to speed reporting and response.

Seamless Critical Communications

Easily launch simultaneous alerts to employees, customers and other key stakeholders via landline, cellular, email, text message, social media and more.

Mobile-Centric Incident Management

Quickly tackle supply chain disruptions and keep response plans moving via a mobile platform that triggers teams to act, minimises downtime and maximises control. control.