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The Evolution of Risk and Resilience: 5 Factors Driving Change

Times are changing, and risks to organizations are becoming more dynamic. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s this: Risk has become increasingly complex and the way organizations respond to and manage risk must change in response.

A recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by OnSolve, Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail, found that organizations are underprepared, overconfident and lack the technology necessary to respond to and manage risk complexity. Less than half see risk becoming more complex two years from now, and only 30% are very confident they can handle complex risks that are only increasing in scope and intensity. Companies can’t afford to simply react to a singular critical event or risk. To survive and thrive in an evolving and dynamic risk landscape, organizations must prepare for not only known risks, but for what’s unknown, evolving, unpredictable and improbable, with a business model that embraces this complexity and uncertainty.

Join OnSolve and guest Forrester for this informative on-demand webinar about the five factors driving the way organizations approach risk and resilience. Matt Bradley, OnSolve’s VP of Global Security Solutions is joined by featured speaker, Forrester Sr. Analyst, Alla Valente, as they review some of the findings of the recent study, and discuss:

  • The impact of dynamic risk on organizations today
  • Why risk and security leaders are shifting their mindsets from meeting compliance to strengthening organizational resilience
  • What strategic, operational and technology decisions support an organization taking a more proactive approach to risk

Learn how you can prepare your organization to mitigate dynamic risk and strengthen organizational resilience.

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