Auto Dialer

Auto dialers are also know as phone dialers, dialer software, or voice dialers. Read on to learn the differences and why we’re better.

Auto Dialer Software and Voice Dialers

An auto dialer is an electronic device or service that automatically dials phone numbers.  One Call Now by OnSolve provides an auto dialer service that is web-based and requires no hardware or software.  This sets us apart from many auto dialers that require a hardware dialer be installed on-site.

One Call Now accepts a list of phone numbers entered manually, from a spreadsheet or through an integration with a database. If the call is answered, the One Call Now auto dialer service delivers the recorded message.  Our auto dialer service also allows users to conduct automated surveys, request keypad responses, and gives call recipients the ability to connect to a live person with a tap of their keypad.


Add and Manage Contacts

  • Add or edit them manually
  • Import them from a spreadsheet
  • Synchronize information with an existing database


Choose Who, How, and When

  • Choose who you want to receive the message
  • Pick the channel: voice message, text message or email (or all 3)
  • Hit “send” for immediate delivery, or schedule to deliver later

OnSolve Icon TrackingReport

Get Useful Feedback Reports

  • Who received your message and when
  • Answers to any questions you asked in your message
  • Any numbers or addresses that were undeliverable

Who uses an Auto Dialer Service?

Auto dialers provide solutions for many types of organizations that have the need to provide one-to-many, or broadcast communication.  Our service is commonly used for employee communication and announcements, event notifications and reminders, emergency alerts and instructions, and appointment and other types of messages and reminders for customers.  Any time an organization is spending staff time on outbound calling, it’s time to consider an auto dialer service like One Call Now.

Why use a service for mass phone dialing?

One Call Now by OnSolve provides significant time and resource savings for organizations that need to reach multiple contacts quickly and efficiently.  Setup is quick – requiring only that a message be created and contacts to be entered into the system.  Messages can be created by recording a voice on the phone through our system, or by typing the message.  They can then be saved for later use.  One Call Now broadcasts the message to the list of contacts simultaneously via voice, email or text message, and provides reporting of who received the message and how it was delivered (live or voicemail).

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One Call Now: How It Works

Just record or type your message, select recipients, and push a button. We’ll take care of the rest.

One Call Now delivers your message to everybody on your designated contact list. Send it as your choice of a phone call, SMS text message, email, or push notification — all through one handy platform and simple user interface.

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Mass Texting

Quickly sending tens or hundreds of text messages is a hassle. Yet, texting is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a message is seen. Fortunately, mass texting with One Call Now is simple and fast. What’s more, your text message can also be broadcast as an email and phone call, ensuring even greater coverage. All this from the same simple interface or our mass calling app. Like calling, mass texting enables you to create one message and quickly send it via SMS text to a list of contacts, in multiple languages if required. The critical difference between regular text messaging and a mass texting service? The ability to save common messages, insert custom text into each message, and easily define delivery groups.

Mass Messaging

Mass messaging broadcasts a pre-recorded message to a list of contacts without the need to manually dial each number. One Call Now’s mass messaging platform makes it easy to broadcast messages via mass calling, mass texting, and mass email from a computer, tablet, your phone, or an app. One Call Now delivers these messages within minutes, and also provides the ability to deliver a customized message if the call reaches voicemail.

One Call Now By OnSolve Has Everything You need To Effectively Message

Unlimited Messaging
Plans include unlimited calls, texts, push notifications, and emails for one annual price with no per-call or long-distance charges.
Send messages in multiple formats according to the urgency of the situation and contact preference of text message, email, phone call, or mobile app. Senders can also select multiple formats for urgent messages.
Targeting Messages To The Right Contacts
Create an unlimited number of contact subgroups— from one contact to thousands—for targeting your audience with relevant communications. Additional filter fields allow users to dynamically create groups.
Don’t like the sound of your own voice? Our text-to-speech feature converts typed text to an audio file and delivers your message in your choice of natural sounding voices.
Smartphone App
Download our free smartphone app for message sending ease.
Real-Time Reporting
See continuous status updates as soon as your message is sent. Know who was successfully reached, gain access to polling responses, and manage erroneous phone numbers with immediacy.
Import Contacts
Upload contacts from CSV or spreadsheet files, or by exporting or integrating with an existing database program such as Salesforce or Outlook.
Audio Library
Pre-record messages and save them for use any time. This feature is ideal for both standard and recurring events.