With One Call Now's online service you can:

  1. Send service and event schedule changes: Easily keeping everyone in the loop.
  2. Easily recruit volunteers: They can’t help if they don’t know they’re needed.
  3. Share reminders about funding campaigns: Keep progress top-of mind.
  4. Streamline and Save Time: Communicating effectively while saving staff time
  5. Send church welcome messages: Early engagement is key in new member transitioning.
  6. Grow your church: Welcome new members with a message of thanks and encouragement

From one, simple-to-use platform send voice calls, text messages and emails. You choose the channel. Or, in urgent situations, use all three.

  • Target your messages by creating sub-groups (by youth or adult ministries, for example)
  • Schedule messages in advance for timely delivery
  • Two-way communication: contacts can respond from their device (ex: press 1 if you will attend Sunday's potluck)
  • Receive reports that document the receipt of your messages

No software, hardware or installation is required so set-up takes only minutes.

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