Notification Solutions For Religious Communities

Grow attendance and engagement with better outreach.

Effective communication builds a thriving faith community.

Communication should go far beyond a weekly sermon.  Better outreach is one key strategy to increase attendance and engagement.  Despite good intentions, churches, synagogues and other faith-based communities often struggle with communicating effectively to their congregation, guests and potential new members..

Can Technology be the Answer to Better Communications?

Learn just how simple it is to improve your group communication

From how to add contacts, to ways to send messages, this simple guide provides quick answers and simple screenshots.

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How Houses of Worship Use OnSolve’s Church Notification System

There are many ways you could use our Church Notification System.

  • Send messages by voice, text, email, social media, and even app notifications
  • Target small groups using the sub-group feature
  • Save time by setting up additional messengers that can send messages to specific groups

Increase Attendance with Mass Messaging

Message specific groups, large or small, and track detailed information with real-time reports. Keep everyone in the loop and stop relying on your members to spread information. When you need to alert your congregation, our church messaging systems are the tool to use.  OnSolve’s tools are easy to use, reliable and efficient so you can focus your efforts on ministry.

  • Prayer requests and prayer chains
  • Weather and closing notices
  • Bereavement announcements
  • Welcome and outreach messages to new members
  • Stewardship campaigns information and status updates
  • Communication about volunteer opportunities
  • Religious education updates

How can you improve communication?

OnSolve’s communication system for churches is easy to set up and manage. Best of all, it’s affordable!

Our communication specialists are here to help you identify your communication issues and find solutions. Have questions? No problem. Let us help you solve your Church announcements and communication needs. Contact us today to speak with a communication specialist familiar with the needs of churches and other faith-based communities.

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