Mass Notification Systems for Business Operations

Successfully sending and receiving critical notifications guides decision making and situational awareness

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Reliable, Accurate Operational Mass Notification and Alerting

Mass notification software enables organizations to communicate rapidly and effectively during emergencies to ensure business operations continue uninterrupted when unexpected events or situations arise. Whether your organization is public or private, large or small, delivering critical information to the right audience at the right time is key to business continuity.

The Leading Emergency Mass Notification Solution

At OnSolve, we’ve brought together the leading mass notification solutions, Send Word Now and MIR3, to provide organizations of all types with the tools needed to communicate effectively with any audience. Leveraging these award-winning tools, companies in every industry are effectively managing critical aspects of their businesses from employee awareness and facilities management to supplier alerting and inventory control.

Reliably send messages anywhere
OnSolve is a SaaS solution with an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface.
Manage contact information
Managing contact information is simple through a self-registration and update portal.
Target alerts with Geo-location
Target notifications to only the regions impacted by a specific event, down to a specific address.


EATEL Business, formerly Venyu, operates with MIR3

Communicating effectively with employees, as well as a broad customer base, is critical to the on-going success of EATEL Business, a leading data center and telecom solutions provider. Through the use of the MIR3 mass notification solution, the company found the tools necessary to help keep business operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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Effective Messaging: More Than Just One-way Alerts

For critical events and other important business messaging, one-way communication doesn’t provide the collaboration and emergency management capabilities companies need. OnSolve gives recipients the ability to respond in a variety of ways, providing critical feedback when stakeholders need it most.

Fully integrated mobile applications
Deliver alerts and allow responses through any accessible WiFi or data network.
SMS Text Messaging
Send text alerts up to 2,000 characters to mobile devices. Through rich text/HTML, users can select fonts, colors, and more, while also adding images or video to alerts.
Desktop Alerts
Deliver “pop-up” alerts to staff computer screens to ensure employees see important notifications or updates in front of any open applications.

Providing Emergency Communications for the World’s Leading Brands