Auto Dialer

Auto dialers are also known as phone dialers, dialers software, or voice dialers. Read on to learn the differences and why OnSolve is better.

Auto Dialer Software and Voice Dialers

An auto dialer is an electronic device or service that automatically dials phone numbers. OnSolve provides an auto dialer service that is web-based and requires no hardware or software. This sets us apart from many auto dialers that require a hardware dialer be installed on-site.

The OnSolve service accepts a list of phone numbers entered manually, from a spreadsheet or through an integration with a database. If the call is answered, the OnSolve auto dialer service delivers the recorded message. Our auto dialer service also allows users to conduct automated surveys, request keypad responses, and gives call recipients the ability to connect to a live person with a tap of their keypad.

Who uses an auto dialer service?

Auto dialers provide solutions for many types of organizations that have the need to provide one-to-many, or broadcast communication. Our service is commonly used for employee communication and announcements, event notifications and reminders, emergency alerts and instructions, and appointment and other types of messages and reminders for customers. Any time an organization is spending staff time on outbound calling, it’s time to consider an auto dialer service like OnSolve.

Why use a service for mass phone dialing?

OnSolve’s auto dialing service provides significant time and resource savings for organizations that need to reach multiple contacts quickly and efficiently. Setup is quick – requiring only that a message be created and contacts to be entered into the system. Messages can be created by recording a voice on the phone through our system, or by typing the message. They can then be saved for later use. We broadcast the message to the list of contacts simultaneously via voice, email or text message, and provides reporting of who received the message and how it was delivered (live or voicemail).

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