Voice Messaging and Broadcasting Service

Leverage voice messaging to quickly reach priority recipients with targeted messaging in seconds.

What is Voice Messaging?

A Voice Messaging System or Service, also known as Voice Broadcasting, is the process by which an individual or organization sends a pre-recorded message to a list of contacts without the need to manually dial each number. An automated voice messaging service delivers these messages within minutes, and also provides the ability to deliver a customized message if the call reaches voicemail, and to request touch-tone responses from recipients.

Benefits of Voice Messaging

Businesses and organizations everywhere have issues sending updates to their contacts. Email can be unreliable, text messages too short, and dialing phones too time consuming. If you’re facing this challenge, it’s time to think about an automated messaging service. Automated messaging services like allow you to send email, text, and phone messages to all or select groups of your contacts with a click of a button or one phone call.

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One Call Now provides simplified, user-friendly messaging to solve staffing issues, broadcast emergency alerts, send routine notifications or contact customers. You get unlimited messages that can be sent to any device with the ability to target the right contacts.

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