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What are Mass Church Messaging Services?

The primary function of a mass notification system is to reach a large number of people quickly, wherever they’re located. Automation technology gives church leaders the ability to communicate important information to their staff and congregation in real-time. Whether it’s a delayed start of worship services due to inclement weather, an appeal for someone with a particular skillset to lend a hand or a request for feedback regarding childcare during services, you can send your message quickly, easily and affordably.

Church messaging systems also give you peace of mind knowing multiple channels are available, and everyone can select their preferred method. With options for SMS texts, in-app alerts, phone call, email or desktop alert, you’re sure to be able to reach everyone. The critical difference between regular text messaging and a mass messaging service is the ability to create and save common messages, insert custom text per contact and easily define delivery groups. This saves you time, money and effort, so you can focus on building a thriving faith community.

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Why Use a Church Mass Text System from OnSolve®?

From sending out your weekly worship schedule to initiating prayer chains and cultivating stewardship, you need a reliable means of reaching your entire congregation. With smartphones at all of our fingertips, church messaging apps give you the greatest likelihood of getting through to everyone. Here’s how One Call Now® can maximize communications with your ministry:

Simple and Straightforward.

  • Set up quickly and get started immediately with an intuitive interface.
  • Reach your entire congregation with just a few clicks.
  • Create contact groups with a system that easily integrates with your existing records.

Steadfast and Reliable.

  • Reach everyone everywhere even when local infrastructure is down, by virtue of a fully redundant network.
  • Trust the system with the longest history of successful implementations.
  • Depend on immediate delivery and accurate records of all of your critical communications.

Consistent and Conscientious.

  • Rely on the expertise of highly trained professionals who can help you through every type of situation.
  • Stay on top of everything with a team that proactively monitors feeds and provides live assistance.
  • Know that immediate help is just a phone call away and available 24/7/365.

Add and Manage Contacts

  • Add or edit them manually
  • Import them from a spreadsheet
  • Synchronize information with an existing database

Choose Who, How, and When

  • Choose who you want to receive the message
  • Pick the channel: Voice message, text message or email (or all 3)
  • Hit “send” for immediate delivery, or schedule to deliver later

Get Useful Feedback Reports

  • Know who received your message and when
  • Get answers to any questions you asked in your message
  • Easily identify any numbers or addresses that were undeliverable

What is an automated calling system for churches?

An automated calling system interacts with callers without requiring any human input, other than clicking “Send.” Similar to mass messaging, you record your voice message (or select it from a bank of options), select the contact group you wish it to go to and automation takes care of the rest. The calls go out en masse to everyone in the designated contact group instantly. When the system detects a human on the line, it plays your recorded message. This same message is still played if the call goes to voicemail, or you can select an alternate message to play.

This is a useful option for members of your congregation who are adverse to reading text messages on their phones. With a church calling system, they can listen to your message instead. Once you’re communicating regularly through this type of system, reaching all of your people all at once feels natural. The right mass messaging and auto calling system for your church will support an active ministry and help keep your congregation connected.

What are the benefits of a mass calling system for churches?

Target Messages:

  • Create custom contact groups based on specific criteria that differentiates who will receive your message.
  • Ensure your messages get the attention they deserve by allowing people to opt in or out of messaging. This way they only receive the messages they want.
  • For example: Set up a contact group exclusively for the volunteers who run a regularly scheduled event, such as Youth Sunday School.

Instant feedback:

  • Create custom polls with predefined answers to collect valuable information from your congregation.
  • Enhance your decision-making process by receiving rapid results from your poll. With a quick and easy means of asking for feedback and seeing the results, you can make the changes that have the best chance of boosting attendance at your services and events.
  • For example: Determine how many people are interested in a supplemental evening service during weekends, and, if so, which times are most popular.

Real-time Reporting:

  • See continuous status updates after sending your message and receive notification of who was successfully reached and who has responded.
  • Easily resend alerts and set reminders.
  • For example: If a blizzard is imminent and you’re concerned some people will still try to make it to your service, you can check to see who has received your alert and resend it to one of their alternate devices and/or in an alternate medium, such as voicemail or email.

Why use a texting service for smaller churches?

If your congregation is on the smaller side, you may still be using time-consuming methods like a church phone tree when you need to deliver a message to everyone in your flock. Did you know there’s a much faster and more effective way? Even for small churches, the likelihood is that the majority of your parishioners use smartphones. Ninety seven percent of Americans own some kind of cell phone, according to the Pew Research Center. Therefore, SMS texts are one of most reliable ways to ensure everyone gets your messages, while saving you time and effort.

Mass messaging gives you the ability to share and exchange information with the click of a button. Update staff schedules, check your volunteer roster and announce upcoming worship services easily, no matter your location. Text messaging for churches helps all of your people stay connected, keep their contact information updated and reach out to you and each other anytime.

What can a text messaging service for churches do?

Technology is always changing and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But with the right system, you can maximize your effort, reach everyone and keep the focus on your ministry of faith, easily and affordably. Here are just a few examples of what it can do for your church:

  • Increase attendance and engagement by sending calendar notices and automatic reminders of upcoming services and events.
  • Request volunteers to coordinate food and clothing drives and provide a detailed list of desired donation items with drop-off locations and dates.
  • Deliver prompt notifications regarding changes to your worship schedule.
  • Schedule choir rehearsals, prayer groups and Bible study meetings.
  • Send automated reminders for tithing.
  • Keep everyone up to date on progress toward donation and fundraising goals.
  • Uplift and inspire your members with daily quotes and messages of hope.
  • Offer services such as baptisms, weddings, seasonal blessings and funerals.
  • Extend counseling sessions to those struggling with the challenges of grief and loss.
  • Make bereavement announcements and initiate prayer chains.

What are best practices for church text messaging?

  • Set defined goals: What is your goal in sending each message? It’s important to determine this before you set about crafting your message. That gives you the best chance of success.
  • Be brief: Your parishioners are bombarded by information throughout the day, so keep your texts quick, concise and to the point. The subject should be clear within the first few words.
  • Give clear instructions: Messages should always indicate whether or not any further action is required or recommended on the part of the recipient.
  • Enable opt-in and opt-out: If you offer a daily or weekly inspirational message, make sure to promote it with an opt-in button as part of your other messages. Conversely, avoid causing aggravation with opt-out buttons. If members were added to a group they can no longer participate in, make sure they can easily remove themselves. Remember, you want your messages to be perceived as blessings, not bane.
  • Example:
    • Goal: Increase weekend service attendance + determine how many people would attend a service at a proposed alternate time.
    • Message: “Would you attend a Saturday service at least once a month? Select YES or NO. If yes, which of these times would you prefer? Select from 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. If you have received this survey in error please accept our apologies and click here to opt out. To receive the Daily Inspiration message, click here.”
    • Once this goes out, you can see updates in real time and receive a summary report of the survey results when it’s complete.

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