Automated Phone Call System

Automated calling services save time and money. Place hundreds or even thousands of automated calls at once to your group.

What is an Automated Phone Call System?

Automated calling services save time and money and allow you to place hundreds or even thousands of automated calls at once to a group or organization. An automated phone system is any telephone system that interacts with callers without input from a human other than the recipient. OnSolve provides a phone system with automated dialing that places auto calls. The difference between OnSolve and traditional automated phone systems is that we use a technology application, instead of hardware, to make the calls. With our phone system, there is no hardware or software to install. Our call system accepts bulk imports of telephone numbers from a spreadsheet, database, or contact management system. The system plays a pre-recorded message when it detects a human on the line. If the call reaches a machine or voicemail system, it can deliver an alternate message. The only restrictions are that you can’t use OnSolve for political calls, telemarketing services, or soliciting.

Benefits of an Automated Phone System

Auto dialing phone systems use software and a modem to let a computer automatically dial a list of phone numbers. An Automated Calling Service makes sense in situations where many outbound calls, texts or emails are necessary, and speed and accuracy are important. When considering switching from traditional phone methods to an automated call system is clear. The time you save could be a lifesaver when an emergency strikes and seconds matter.

What are Automated Messaging Systems?

More and more people are communicating through text messages. Automated texting combines the popularity of text messaging with the automated convenience of an auto dialer system. While you could download and configure an automated text messaging system of your own, using this ready-made system is much more convenient.

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