Call Tree

It’s Time to Automate Your Call Tree

Is your organization still using a manual phone tree? Automate your group calling tree and send messages to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts simultaneously, with our group notification solution.

What is a Calling Tree?

A calling tree, or phone tree, is defined as a pyramid-shaped method of communication which is started by one person and is continued as each contact receives the message and relays it to another group member.

Once upon a time, when pay phones donned every city block and viewers adjusted rabbit ears to tune the television set, the manual call tree was developed to communicate information to large groups. When information needed to be shared, one person called several others and in turn, those recipients dialed a few more, and so on. Even though the phone tree method was far from perfect, team players tirelessly dialed and relayed messages, hoping that most of the team, congregation or organization would eventually get the message (and that somehow it would be accurate).

The phone tree or call tree is still in use today, even for important or time sensitive messages. Unfortunately, it is prone to errors and long delays. Sender liability can be a real concern when critical information isn’t delivered quickly and accurately.

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