Robo Call Service

A robo calling service can make hundreds – even thousands – of calls at once.

What is a Robo Call Service?

A robo calling or robo dialing service provides methods of mass communication to automatically deliver pre-recorded messages. Mass delivery of messages by these means can also be referred to as automated dialing, automated calling services, automated phone calls, phone or call blast services, automated call trees, and phone calling systems. OnSolve provides more than just basic message delivery by offering features to manage contact groups, multiple methods of sending messages, recipient responses, polling, and much more. Our system easily accepts bulk imports of telephone numbers, usually from a spreadsheet, database, or other contact management system. In the case of voice messages, we use our secure servers to place calls and listens for answers. When the system detects a human answer, it plays a pre-recorded message created using either a human voice or a typed text to speech message. The system also detects when the call is answered electronically by a machine or voicemail system and can deliver an alternate message.

Robo Calling Systems Save Time

Robo calling should be considered in any situation where a large number of outbound calls or emails are necessary, especially when speed is a critical factor. This group calling service makes it easy to load contacts, create and save messages, and begin robo calling. The service delivers calls in seconds, not hours, so the time savings when compared to traditional communication methods is staggering.

Personalize Your Voice Messages

Robo calls are a great way to disseminate a lot of information quickly but can lack the feeling of an actual human contacting the recipient. Our system enables you to record your own voice messages and save them for quick use in the future. We also provide text-to-speech solutions with many realistic voices. With text-to-speech robocalls many additional messaging features also become available. If your group is multilingual, we’ll translate your message automatically into the appropriate language for each contact based on their preferences.

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