Voice Text Messaging

Does your group communicate better with voice messages? Voice Text Messaging is the answer.

What is a Voice Messaging Service?

A voice messaging service is the method by which a voice message is digitally recorded and sent to a predetermined list of phone numbers. OnSolve sends out the message through thousands of channels and delivers it to the contacts you choose. The computer dials the phone numbers and delivers the recorded message, so you don’t have to.

How can you improve communication and free up more time to focus on managing the priorities that you continually juggle every day? With OnSolve’s voice messaging service, simply record one message, and our automated calling systems will send it to the people on your contact list. With just one call, your message will be delivered to any size group within minutes. Our web-based systems also save you from buying extra equipment or extra phone lines. OnSolve puts the power of automated dialing at your fingertips. It’s the simple, affordable way to streamline communications.

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