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Quick assessment: Is your critical event management (CEM) system outfitted to provide the fastest, most accurate risk intelligence so you...

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Is Your Critical Event Management Platform Right for Your Industry?

No-brainer: Organizations in every industry are impacted by crises and can benefit from an effective critical event management (CEM) platform...

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How to Evaluate Critical Event Management Software

Just about every organization will face a critical event at some point, and many will deal with multiple critical events...

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Warehouse worker with a mask

During the current global health crisis, organizations are using critical event management (CEM) platforms powered by technologies like AI to...

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What is a Business Continuity Plan and How It Creates Resiliency in Your Organization

According to Mercer, 51 percent of businesses globally do not have a business continuity plan for emergencies or disasters like...

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Civil unrest is on the rise in the United States. The US Crisis Monitor, which captures real-time data on political...

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