Be Prepared with These 100+ Prewritten Critical Alerts

When a critical event happens, preparedness is key.

The ever-growing threat of risks, whether natural disasters or man-made events, has put safety and resiliency top of mind for today’s organizations. Companies of all sizes have implemented critical communications systems to send alerts to employees for situations such as severe weather updates, IT alerts or organizational announcements.

Having a critical communications product is important, being prepared to use the system at a moment’s notice is critical. That’s why when a crisis strikes, it is better to have prewritten message scenarios ready to send rather than fumbling with the message content. However, developing prewritten messages for all kinds of events may seem daunting. Where do you start? Better yet, what do you say?

To better aid critical communications system admins and users, OnSolve has created the white paper, Your Alert Arsenal for Customizing and Distributing Messages during Critical Events. This critical messaging resource contains over 100 pre-written example alerts for emergency and routine events. It covers a range of events in both emergency and non-emergency domains—from natural disaster alerts to customer communications.

These alert examples come with options to insert your company information, specific details about events and emergency, maintenance or office contacts. In addition, some selections have response possibilities that allow the receiver to acknowledge the alert so that you know the message was received.

With prewritten, customizable alerts, you are prepared when the need to communicate strikes. These alerts should be part of your crisis communication plan—including training on how to use them on several levels so they can be seamlessly selected and disseminated.

In a crisis, you want standardization of processes so that the information sent is consistent and on message. It is critical to establish your messaging ahead of the event to ensure the communication plan is followed and stakeholders receive reliable information.

OnSolve’s white paper, Your Alert Arsenal for Customizing and Distributing Messages during Critical Events, has templates written for phone, text and email messages to address over 40 different types of critical events. For more information, you can download this resource for free today.


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