Strengthen Flood Preparedness in Your Community With an Emergency Notification System

According to OnSolve data, extreme weather events were up 42 percent in the U.S. from 2021 to 2022. And flash floods, in particular, were up 52 percent.

The risks to communities are clear. According to the 2023 National Hydrologic Assessment, approximately 146 million people face a risk of flooding in their communities. Nearly 6.4 million are at risk for moderate flooding, and 1.4 million are at risk for major flooding.

Above-normal snowpacks and atmospheric river events in certain portions of the country are the major contributing factors to the potential of major flooding, but heavy rainfall can lead to flooding anywhere — even in places where the risk is generally considered to be low.

Government agencies and local officials need an effective and reliable emergency mass notification system (EMNS) to keep residents safe and informed should the flood waters start to rise.

Communicating with Residents When a Flood Occurs

Use these SMS text and email templates to keep your community safe and informed during a flood.

The Dangers of Flooding

According to the National Weather Service, deaths from flash flooding are second only to heat-related deaths when it comes to weather hazards. Flash floods are typically caused by thunderstorms that are slow-moving or continue to move over an area repeatedly, or heavy rains from tropical storms or hurricanes.
The risk for flooding can change rapidly, as the intensity and location of heavy rainfall can only be forecast a few days ahead of time, at best. In some cases, floods can even develop within hours or minutes, depending on how intense the rain is, how long the rain lasts and the characteristics of the area. For example, the conditions of the soil, ground cover and the general topography of the region all contribute to how fast a flood can develop.

Stay Above Water with Mass Communication

To keep residents safe during a heavy rain and flood season, OnSolve CodeRED makes it easy for agencies and officials to deliver mass communication when dangerous weather is on the way. This mass text messaging service can cover a variety of flood-related scenarios.

  • Precautionary evacuation notices can be sent to residents who live near rivers at risk for overflow. 
  • Shelter locations can be provided during and after a flood with a mass texting service to people who’ve been displaced from their homes due to severe rain damage.
  • CodeRED Weather Warning can automatically notify subscribers of flash floods, with a direct feed from the National Weather Service, allowing residents in certain geographic areas to receive automated emergency alerts without the need for human intervention.

During this flood season, communities are counting on local officials to use a reliable mass notification system to keep them safe and informed. Find out how everyone can get to high ground faster when every second counts. To learn more, check out our Flood Preparedness Kit.


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