From Dread To Delightful. How To Communicate With Tenants

We hear from numerous property managers that there are few aspects of their jobs that are more challenging than dealing with tenants who are always late with their rent—or stop paying completely. Even the best of tenants can hit a rough spot, get distracted by other priorities or just honestly forget to pay. Whether it’s a short-term or a long-term problem, the ensuing conversation can be awkward and dreadful for both parties.

With One Call Now, many property managers have found a solution that reduces the number of difficult conversations they have to have regarding late rent. The One Call Now system allows property managers the opportunity to communicate with their tenants throughout the month, on various items that can come up, a burst pipe, clubhouse closure, power outage, and yes, rent payment reminders.

To see how One Call Now can help you out click here and avoid those dreadful conversations with tenants, all the while keeping those rent checks coming.

The Top 10 Reasons Smart Property Managers use Rent Reminders powered by One Call Now:

  1. Consistency. Reminders are delivered in an unbiased way – to everyone at the same time.
  2. Saves Time. Increased rent compliance now means fewer late notices.
  3. Sets and Enforces Clear Expectations. Messages include complete information: Amount and date due, as well as consequences of late payment.
  4. Reduces Awkward Conversations. Eliminates the need for uncomfortable and embarrassing discussions between tenants and staff.
  5. Don’t speak 5 languages but your residents do? One Call Now automatically translates your messages, ensuring clarity and fairness.
  6. Documentation. Receive a report with a time stamp of all message receipts.
  7. Encourages real-time payment. Optional feature allows residents to transfer directly to a link or phone number for immediate payment.
  8. Saves resources. Eliminates or reduces staff time, paper, and postage costs.
  9. It never goes on vacation. Unlike your residents, the One Call Now service is never out of town. Phone and text reminders reach residents wherever they are.
  10. Respects communication preferences. Messages sent based on your resident’s preferred channel (phone, text, email) are less likely to be ignored. 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent. Your text has a much better chance of being read than a flyer or a standard letter in their mailbox.


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