Mitigating the Impact of Known (and Unknown) Risks with AI at GSX 2022

Risk is on the rise, and security professionals are all but guaranteed to face one or more critical events at some point, whether that’s severe weather, civil unrest, IT/power outages or cybersecurity incidents—the list goes on.

In fact, 99 percent of organizations reported experiencing some type of incident in the last 18 months, nearly 75 percent experienced two types and more than one-third experienced three types. Yet only 30% are very confident they can handle the increasing complexity of risk management[1].

Getting ahead of potential threats requires a proactive, focused strategy, but this doesn’t happen by accident. Security leaders are finding they must start to rethink the nature of risk itself. Enter the concept of dynamic risk, a risk in which the ultimate harm is different than the initially expected harm. For example, a hurricane in the Gulf may cause unanticipated flooding on the East Coast later that week. Dynamic risk is forcing organizations to think in terms of managing the impact of a critical event, instead of the event itself.

With more to watch and more critical events to manage, shouldering the burden of detecting, validating, mitigating and recovering from such a vast array of risks is no easy task. For example, consider how the scope of what security professionals need to monitor, validate and respond to has expanded with respect to the supply chain—to ensure business continuity, it’s no longer enough to keep an eye on your own suppliers; you need to maintain visibility of your suppliers’ suppliers.

One way for security leaders to find ways to strengthen organizational resilience and prepare for and mitigate the impact of known and unknown risks is to learn from industry experts and peers at the Global Security Exchange GSX 2022 industry conference, September 12-14, 2022, in Atlanta.

OnSolve (Booth #1851) is hosting two sessions this year on Tuesday, September 13:

Don’t miss your chance to learn new ways to better manage an ever-expanding threat landscape leveraging the power of critical event management and AI. To register, visit the event page and be sure to follow all the updates on social media at @OnSolve and via #GSX2022.

[1] A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of OnSolve, October 2021: Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail: Take A Proactive Approach To Critical Event Management To Improve Risk Preparedness


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