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Notification Solutions For Retail

The fast-moving retail industry relies on notification solutions to enhance internal communication and security across the organization.

Retail is an ever-changing field

The merchandising industry encompasses businesses ranging in size from huge department stores, outlet malls, discount stores and supermarkets to tiny boutiques. These retailers are all engaged in the process of selling consumer goods or services through channels of distribution, with manufacturers and wholesale distributors to storefronts and e-commerce sites, all the way to the consumer.

To keep all the moving parts of the retail industry functioning properly, communication must be swift and meaningful. To meet business needs and avoid disruptions, many in the retail sector rely on rapid, reliable, full-featured notification software.

How the retail industry uses notification

  • Deliver alerts automatically, reducing exposure and vulnerability
  • Alert IT management and staff regarding existing threats, product recalls, suspicious activity, data exposure and more
  • Notify customers of security compromises to ensure compliance with data breach notification laws
  • Send notifications to all personnel at once or in segmented lists by department, role, location and more
  • Alert staff of dangerous situations such as an active shooter, while instantly initiating safety protocols
  • Implement damage assessments across departments, warehouses and locations after an event occurs

Critical Communication for Retailers: A Comprehensive Approach

The key to avoiding disaster? A response plan that includes a -comprehensive approach to fast communication throughout the organization.

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