On Deck for OnSolve Nexus 2021: Former Federal CIO Suzette Kent on Managing Uncertainty


Rising vaccination rates, a strong jobs report and a healthy economic outlook signal better times ahead. Yet private and public sector organizations continue to face the risks of challenges both unique to 2021 and typical of every year.

In this post-2020 reality, the only thing that remains certain is uncertainty.

On Tuesday, April 20, OnSolve Nexus 2021 will bring our customers together for a two-day virtual conference designed to address how to manage uncertainty in the coming year and beyond.

Keynote: Risk, Resiliency and the Role of Technology

Critical event management solutions will play a lead role in organizational resiliency, as keynote speaker and former Federal Chief Information Officer for the United States Suzette Kent knows firsthand.

“Preparing for the unknown is at the forefront of conversations for leaders of every organization,” said Kent. “As we continue to navigate the challenges of the global pandemic, AI-driven critical event management technology should take center stage within resiliency planning.”

A global business transformation executive who served as federal CIO from January 2018 – July 2020, Kent has focused on how to leverage AI and data to solve business challenges throughout her career. During her time overseeing the federal Office of Management and Budget, she played a pivotal role in shifting the federal workforce to telework amid the global pandemic.

In her keynote, Kent plans to share best practices, discuss lessons learned from 2020, and “celebrate the important work this community is doing to protect people when it matters most.”

Q&A and Training: Dig into AI-Driven Solutions

OnSolve Chief Marketing Officer Sue Holub will join Suzette Kent immediately after the keynote presentation to take questions from attendees. An industry veteran, Holub specializes in go-to-market strategy and brand and reputation building.

In addition to the keynote address, you’ll hear from OnSolve leadership, customers and academic experts on topics related to managing uncertainty.

“Now more than ever, customers are turning to OnSolve to navigate uncertainty,” said OnSolve CEO Mark Herrington, who will open the conference Tuesday morning. “For many, it’s a strategic imperative to have a deep understanding of how to optimize our technology to support organizational resiliency and keep people safe, informed and protected during a crisis.”

In addition to live keynote and Q&A sessions, conference attendees can take advantage of a variety of opportunities to deepen their understanding of OnSolve technology, including: 

  • Live breakout sessions
  • Mini inspiration sessions in a Ted Talk-style format
  • Networking rooms
  • Resource rooms
  • Training sessions for both beginners and advanced users

Speakers, Sessions and Topics at a Glance

As the first annual gathering of OnSolve customers across all products and segments, our 2021 conference promises to pack a lot into two days. Here’s a quick snapshot of the OnSolve leaders you’ll hear from and what they’ll talk about:

  • Chief Technology Officer Dustin Radtke, “The Future of the OnSolve Platform”
  • Chief Customer Officer Ann Pickren, “Your Journey and Experience in 2021”
  • Vice President of Global Security Solutions Matt Bradley, “Security Operations and Resiliency”

In addition to our speaker lineup, you can participate in a number of informational programs, including sessions on:

  • Security Operations and Risk
  • Resiliency and Continuity
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Critical Communications
  • Incident Management

Don’t miss this invaluable chance to connect with industry experts and learn about the latest in critical event management. It’s also a great opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals and learn how others are navigating today’s challenges. In just two days, you’ll learn how to help your organization manage uncertainty long into the future.

Learn more about OnSolve Nexus 2021 and register today, while there’s still time to take advantage of our Early Bird Discounts!