Risk in the New Year: Hear from the Experts at the 2022 Predictions Panel

The new year is just around the corner – are you ready to face the unknown? These last few years have taught us the value of thorough preparation. So let’s get ready to go into 2022 with eyes open and a plan. Experts see these key focus areas on the horizon:

  • Developing organizational resilience
  • Leveraging the digital transformation
  • Merging cyber and physical security

Are these issues on your radar? In today’s complex threat landscape, successful risk management can make or break an organization. It all comes down to risk mitigation and organizational resilience; both depend on actionable intelligence. While most organizations will acknowledge this truth, many aren’t taking the right steps to proactively prepare.

The majority of risk and security professionals underestimate the rising complexity of risk management, according to a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of OnSolve. That’s surprising, given that 99 percent of survey respondents experienced at least one incident over the past 18 months and nearly three-quarters experienced at least two types of incidents.

In addition, while optimistically expecting a 122 percent increase in optimized risk strategies in the next 18 months, nearly half of organizations are simultaneously discounting the value of proactive risk mitigation. This marked disconnect between comprehension and expectations demonstrates the need for better applied understanding. Only 38 percent of respondents indicated their current risk management strategies are effectively measured or optimized.

So how do you rectify this issue?

Start by recognizing what you don’t know. Hear what the experts have to say about their predictions for mitigating risk and building organizational resiliency during our webinar on Tuesday, November 16 at 1 p.m. EST.

2022 Predictions Panel: Creating Organizational Resilience in the New Year is your chance to get answers from reliable and trusted sources during a live panel discussion. Learn about the nuances of organizational resiliency, why it’s important and what it takes to develop it. They’ll also share their thoughts on establishing ROI, leveraging the digital transformation and the impact of the convergence of cyber and physical security.

Moderated by OnSolve Vice President of Global Security Solutions Matt Bradley, the panel will include these established experts:

  • Brian Zawada, Chief Operating Officer at Castellan: Twenty-five years of actively managing internal business continuity programs and consulting with public and private sector organizations of all sizes.
  • Stefanie Drysdale, Vice President, Cyber at Prescient: Instrumental in building Prescient’s Cyber offerings, particularly the firm’s Executive Digital Protection program, which is geared toward corporate security professionals and private clients.
  • Ann Pickren, Chief Customer Officer at OnSolve: Deep domain expertise and 20+ years of experience in the business continuity and crisis communications field.

Register for the open panel discussion and hear what thought leaders are predicting about risk, so you can prepare to be resilient in 2022.


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