Risk Intelligence Takeaways from AIRIP Global Forum 2024

In June 2024, I had the privilege of representing OnSolve at the 7th Annual AIRIP Global Intelligence Forum. This year’s focus was on the growth and impact of modern risk intelligence teams and their best practices within a wider business context. Risk intelligence practitioners and leaders from around the world tackled important questions centered on diversity, technology, tradecraft, demonstrating ROI and career development.

It was a privilege to join my esteemed panelists in discussing how modern teams should think about long-range forecasts and embracing both a quantitative and qualitative approach to this work. It was a great discussion, and I’m grateful to the AIRIP Education Committee for the opportunity.

Speakers and attendees had a lot to talk about; here are my key takeaways:

What Themes Stood Out Most at the AIRIP Global Forum?

Diversity Dividend

The Forum’s keynote speaker, Rachel Briggs, outlined the “diversity dividend.” The data shows that diverse teams win—not just in business but in the security and risk industry as well. Our industry is challenged to actively embrace diversity, including diversity of background, perspectives, skills and education.

The ever evolving and complex risk landscape requires us to seek out difference makers, and we need fresh perspectives and new skillsets to address the risks of tomorrow. One way we are doing this at OnSolve is by leaning into the rich data that our risk intelligence solution generates. By applying data science skillsets, we can draw fresh and insightful conclusions about the threats and evolving risks our customers are facing.

Artificial Intelligence and the Intelligence Analyst

Our intelligence analysts must develop a symbiotic relationship with disruptive applications in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI. Modern teams need to embrace AI for productivity, scalability and impact. But most importantly, teams need to embrace AI to shape its development and application. I’ve talked before about how AI is a superpower for both the good guys and bad guys. This was a repeated theme at the Forum. Responsible use of generative AI lies with the analyst. As analysts, it’s our responsibility to provide accurate, validated and actionable intelligence. AI is here to empower, not substitute, the need for analysts.

Public Media Landscape

The public web of quality content is both shrinking and evolving. Important discussions were had about how we can help our organizations navigate AI-generated content, misinformation and disinformation – particularly during a busy election year globally. Important conversations were also had about how AI may impact access to information and general intelligence collection. It's incumbent on security teams and providers to think critically about how we validate and access sources of information today and in the future.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Every day, the business and government leaders we protect and advise make decisions grounded in data. With more data accessible across various functions, our leaders have become accustomed to making data-based decisions. Security management, threat assessments and team-performance should be no different. A significant focus at this year’s Forum was about how modern teams can and should embrace a more quantitative approach to analysis, risk assessments and ROI metrics. The first step in this evolution is having access to the right data. OnSolve is proud to make historic risk incident data available to our customers.

Let's Keep the Conversation Going

It was great to connect with so many familiar faces at AIRIP and spend the week sharing ideas and learning from so many experienced professionals. We can’t forget that the framework for strengthening resilience includes processes, technology and people. Risk intelligence professionals are under more pressure than ever before, and it’s important to be mindful of the support and resources available.

The mission can feel daunting and the path forward unclear. If you’d like to continue this discussion, provide feedback or are looking for assistance, OnSolve is here to help.

Nick Hill

Nick Hill is Senior Analyst, Global Risk and Intelligence Services, where he drives intelligence analysis and services implementation to help customers mitigate dynamic risks and strengthen organizational resilience. Prior to his current role, Nick led product development and services implementation for a physical security provider leveraging AI to improve critical incident management. Nick is a former security manager overseeing travel risk management, risk intelligence, and global security operations, and previously served in the Marine Corps overseeing strategic intelligence analysis and production. For more real-time risk and resilience insights follow Nick on LinkedIn.