Integrate Mass Notification Software Into Critical Business Systems

Tying employee notification solutions together to enable mass notification and alerting

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Secure mass notification in third-party applications

Today, businesses rely on a variety of different software which can cause duplicate work if they don’t properly communicate with each other. The ability to integrate your applications provides greater benefit as it brings key features to solutions that may not be native. This is why OnSolve offers a variety of available API integrations to expand the functionality of your notification solution.

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API integration support

Add notification technology
Easily add alert functionality to your new, legacy or custom-built solutions.
Choose your API integration tools
Integrate notifications with your existing systems by using the API or command line option.
Develop with support
Receive complete documentation for all features with on-call support from OnSolve.

Enhanced business continuity through integration

OnSolve provides several different options for integrating mass notification and IT alerting solutions into other business systems. Using these features, even businesses with complex systems and business tools can improve customer satisfaction, partner interactions and employee awareness.

Build your own integrations
Use our set of flexible APIs to bring notification capabilities into business solutions you are currently using.
Adopt pre-built business integration tools
Easily integrate with solutions already in place like ServiceNow®, IPAWS and more.
Integrate with existing IT applications
Using the Kinetic Data® platform, OnSolve can integrate with major ITSM tools and other applications.

API capabilities with OnSolve

Maintain data integrity
Automatically update your master database to ensure contact information is always up to date and in sync with critical systems (BC tools, badging systems, etc.)
Reduce IT incident response times
Integrate with existing IT applications to make it easy to send and receive automated, interactive alerts.
Improve physical security and network monitoring
Utilize physical security integrations like gunshot detection to send alerts when gunfire is identified.
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