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Critical Event Management

Leverage the smartest critical event management platform on the market to accelerate and strengthen crisis response.

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OnSolve CEM Capabilities

A full suite of critical event management capabilities

Your organization needs to move quickly to identify threats, target communications to the right people and mobilize response teams. With a comprehensive suite of AI-powered risk intelligence, critical communications and incident management capabilities, your organization can take control of the entire critical event management process.

Risk Intelligence

Ensure business resiliency with an instantaneous, clear line of sight into developing critical events powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Information collected in real-time
Data is gathered from more than 17,000 sources, including government, weather services, local and international news and social media.

Actionable intelligence at your command
Data is transformed into relevant insights on an event’s impact to your people, assets and operations.

Proactive monitoring of business assets
Monitor dynamic maps of critical events, your facilities, logistics and personnel movements to ensure business continuity.

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Critical event communications and alerting

The safety of your employees and business assets relies on notifying the right people at the right time during a crisis. Trusted by thousands of businesses and government agencies for its reliability and longevity, OnSolve gives your organization a master set of controls that include geo-location, polling and response tracking, analytics, advanced security capabilities and more.

Reliable global communications
Keep employees and business assets safe, while ensuring business continuity, disaster recovery, IT monitoring and alerting.

Fast, accurate message creation
Use notification placeholders with simple drop-down text fields to create error-free notifications quickly.

Seamless contact data integration
Automatically gather and update contact information through integrations with existing business systems.

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Mobile Incident Management

When a disaster scatters your workforce and threatens business systems, you need a way for incident management teams to connect and take action. OnSolve has partnered with Groupdolists to provide a mobile incident management platform that keeps your response plans moving forward, without dependency on organizational infrastructure.

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Develop critical response plans
Ensure rapid recovery from any disruption by creating effective critical event response and recovery plans.
Access a mobile command center
Minimize downtime, mitigate disruptions and retain full control from the palm of your hand.
Monitor, track and report in real-time
React and hone procedures on the fly as recovery unfolds.

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How can your organization use critical event management?

Learn more about OnSolve’s intelligent, modern suite of critical event management solutions and how other organizations have used its capabilities to react quickly in times of crisis.

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