Coordinate Rapid Crisis Communication and Manage Incidents

Large or small, serious or minor, incidents that need response and resolution quickly, occur with greater frequency these days.

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Core solutions for incident management

Large or small, serious or minor, incidents that need response, resolution and documentation occur today with increasing regularity. OnSolve provides the software to enable you to manage all types of incidents – from IT notification to natural disasters and workplace violence.

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Incident Management Foundations

Thoughtful planning
Build a strong foundation for success within your notification solution by developing critical event workflows aimed at restoring service operations after an issue occurs.
Transparent collaboration
Maintain full transparency once a situation is detected with detailed reporting and prioritization across departments for key personnel.
Rapid incident communication
Control the message from initiation to resolution and after-event reporting. No interpretation required.

Restore business operations quickly

As organizations face an increase in the number and variety of threats (both natural and human-made), a broader approach to incident management is needed. These unplanned critical events require organizations to be prepared to respond quickly and accurately, with communication at its core.

Reliably send messages
Send messages anywhere with an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface.
Manage contact information
Manage contact information through self-registration and update portal.
Use geo-location
Target alerts with geo-location and send alerts to only the regions impacted by a specific event.

Take control of the situation

OnSolve provides a powerful module that allows users to create and monitor an incident directly from their mobile device. Organizations can streamline the process of handling situations, such as:

  • IT incident or cyber-attack
  • Security breach
  • Evacuation test drills
  • Workplace accidents
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • And more

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