Synchronize Teams and Information with Mobile-First Incident Management

From full-scale critical events to standard compliance procedures, we accelerate and simplify your crisis response.

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Reinvent the way you respond to critical events

Let’s face it – good incident management processes begin with establishing standards for everything from updating response plans to communication best practices and after-event analysis. On a normal day, it’s no easy task to coordinate all of these moving parts if you’re using manual methods, let alone when a crisis throws your team into the heat of battle.

That’s why organizations today need a purpose-built, mobile-first solution for seamless collaboration, real-time visibility and synchronization that eases your entire incident management process.

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The case for best-in-class incident management

Through a strategic partnership with Groupdolists, OnSolve is able to offer leading edge incident management as a part of our comprehensive critical event management platform.
Mobilize instantly
Set your response teams in motion instantaneously through targeted coordination and mobile communication.
Create living documents
Turn static response plans into living, interactive and actionable guides that are easy to update and distribute.
Achieve 100% visibility
Leverage real-time updates and communications and view a chronological audit trail of every action taken.

Unite response teams around the globe through purpose-built capabilities

As global organizations face an increase in the number and variety of threats (both natural and human-made), a broader approach to incident management is needed. Disasters require organizations to be prepared to respond quickly and accurately, with the ability for response teams to effortlessly connect and collaborate no matter where or when an event occurs.

And because incident management is part of OnSolve’s comprehensive critical event management platform, your organization will have actionable intelligence as an event is unfolding, so your teams can mobilize faster.

A crisis can happen when you're at your work-station or at the grocery store. A mobile-first approach ensures you and your teams have a 24/7 connection point.
Our always-available SaaS solution is encrypted in transit and at rest, is scanned for daily vulnerabilities and undergoes regular third-party security and penetration testing.
With the ability to master the solution in minutes, training teams and rolling out practice exercises across your global locations is simplified.