Manage Personnel Schedules in Real-Time with On-Call Scheduling Solutions

Real-time scheduling and collaboration with available personnel to assign shifts or tasks from one single interface.

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When an unexpected problem occurs, locating key personnel is a challenging task.

Especially when it needs to be done quickly and efficiently. OnSolve On-Call Scheduling software is ideal for IT alerting, health care, on-call staffing, crisis management and disaster recovery situations.

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Reach on-call staff quickly

Identify coverage gaps
View and identify gaps of coverage in a user-friendly calendar view and identify persons or groups available.
Reach the right people
Fill shifts and assign tasks by quickly locating the appropriate personnel available to handle support.
Save time
Quickly send alerts to targeted recipients and receive rapid responses regarding availability.

Scheduling features to expedite staffing coverage

On-Call Scheduling provides organizations with a robust solution to reach staff quickly using real-time scheduling software and an OnSolve notification solution. Send alerts to recipients in a specific shift to identify their availability for coverage and reduce the amount of time your staff spends filling shifts manually.

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Poll and track responses
Poll your alert recipients by providing availability response options, and view responses in real-time.
View, build and modify schedules
Build schedules that contain shifts and shift assignments with escalation orders.
Create workforce visibility
See who is available to cover and how to contact them from a user-friendly calendar view.