Communicating with Residents

Use these sample message templates to communicate faster to your residents when a wildfire occurs.


Communicating with Employees, Customers and Stakeholders

Ensure your employees, customers and stakeholders have the latest information on safety and business processes during wildfire season.


Planning Your Wildfire Response to Ensure Business Continuity

Minimize business disruption with a well-developed plan for managing wildfire emergencies. Ensure you have the right resources in place and know what to do before, during and after a wildfire.


Aerial photo of a wildfire burning a forest

Wildfire Notifications in Action

Learn how OnSolve Critical Communications gave officials in Yavapai, Arizona the notification tools they needed to alert residents and potentially save lives.

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10 Wildfire Emergency Alerting Best Practices

Ease the impact of wildfires on your people, places and property with these insights and tips.