Keep Healthcare Operations Running Smoothly

Healthcare professionals must ensure that their system of staff, providers, patients, response teams and more are functioning smoothly. However, when the system is interrupted by an emergency, epidemic or other disaster, proper communication is key to getting things back on track. Cloud-based critical event management capabilities allow you to detect events and send instant alerts to staff so they can act quickly and mitigate risks to life and business continuity.

Here's How It Works

Hospitals and other institutions can use the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) in cases like the COVID-19 pandemic to notify providers and staff so they can take proper precautions or organize vaccine distribution. Alert triggers allow people to be notified about COVID-19 reports from the U.S. government, news, social media sources and more. The Platform combines AI-powered risk intelligence with award-winning critical communications to help you identify safety threats and relay important information quickly and effectively.

COVID-19 Solutions with Risk Intelligence

Alert the public about COVID-19 news and data, and communicate important messages about contact tracing, wellness checks and more.

Streamlined Hospital System Coordination

Organize relief efforts between hospitals when disaster strikes and use notifications to prepare teams and direct responders.

Rapid Communication for Emergency Staffing

Quickly respond to emergencies by using instant notifications to mobilize staff, manage an influx of patients and fill staffing gaps.

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