Don’t Sacrifice Capabilities for Ease of Use

If your software can’t scale with you, you’re only creating a problem for "future you."

Partner with Scalable Software, Not Basic

We know that ease of use is top of mind, but that shouldn’t limit the critical features and integrations you need to keep your people, property and operations secure. You need to partner with a vendor who not only meets your objectives today, but also grows and scales across your entire organization with the longest history of industry expertise. OnSolve is that partner. We will help you identify threats, no matter the size or severity, so you can take proper action and improve outcomes, anytime and anywhere.


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How is OnSolve different from AlertMedia and others?

Here are just some of the ways:

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Our experienced team was helping handle critical events for 15 years before AlertMedia was even founded.

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Our platform is powered by AI for speed but designed and supported by humans, meaning our intelligence is less prone to human bias or error.

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Our technology has millions of dollars invested into it over 25 years to bring the best-in-class solution to market. As other vendors play catch up, we continue to pave the way at the forefront.

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While AlertMedia touts simplicity, we know there is such a thing as 'too basic' and offer the easy-to-use capabilities your organization needs to handle intelligence and communication

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Our world-class customer service, implementation and support is staffed 24/7/365 by employees who have over 70 years of collective crisis management experience.

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Need more data to back up what we’re saying? Check out this leading industry report, where 10 critical event management vendors were evaluated to see how they compare to one another, and help leaders find the best solution.

These world-class organizations know the OnSolve difference.