2023 OnSolve Global
Risk Impact Report

Does your organization understand the ripple effect of physical threats?

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Are organizations prepared to manage their biggest threats?

Our risk intelligence data shows we live in a world of increasing risks every day. It’s time for executives and resilience leaders to re-think how they prepare and respond. The growing frequency of threats, and their devastating impact, creates a renewed sense of urgency for every organization – but it isn’t enough. Strategies for managing and mitigating the ripple effect from physical threats must start with the C-suite. But how involved are they right now?

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occur every minute.

OnSolve Risk Intelligence Data Reveals Big Shifts in the Threat Landscape

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What the top critically rising threats are in the U.S. and globally*

How organizations and executive leaders are dealing with increasing volatility based on a survey of 250 CEOs

Why organizations should look to cybersecurity trends when planning for rising physical threats

*2023 OnSolve Global Risk Impact Report physical threat data spans 50 risk categories across 159 countries where OnSolve customers operate.


of CEOs think their organization will face significant physical threats in 2023

What threats are they ranking as top concerns for their business?

Mitigating disaster’s ripple effect must be a C-suite conversation.

Today’s risk landscape requires a new skillset for most CEOs. They must take the lead in initiating the dialogue across the C-suite about crisis mitigation and ownership.

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