GSX 2020

Thanks for continuing your exploration of solutions that can enhance and revolutionize the resiliency of your organization. We understand there has never been a more challenging time to be a security professional. That’s why we’re focused on providing leading edge solutions that put you in control of detecting and managing critical events, while keeping security and compliance top of mind.

Modern critical event management with AI-powered situational awareness

In August, 2020, Stabilitas joined OnSolve, the global leader in mass notification and critical communication solutions for enterprise, mass market and government organizations, as a key part of the OnSolve Critical Event Management Platform.

The combination of AI-powered situational awareness from Stabilitas and leading critical communications capabilities with incident management from OnSolve, creates the industry’s most comprehensive solution that helps organizations quickly and accurately identify adverse events, analyze the risks posed by those incidents without human intervention, rapidly communicate to key stakeholders and activate response teams overseeing incident management.

OnSolve’s modern critical event management platform helps organizations become more resilient and protect their people, assets and infrastructure, quickly, accurately and reliably. If you’re interested in creating a more secure future for your organization, OnSolve can help.

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